Midnight Costume Contest

May 4th, 2018 will be the day to proudly unleash either your inner galactic geek...with your favorite event themed t-shirt, dress, shoes or full-on costume.

This year's BASH OF THE EMPIRE VII Midnight Costume Contest will be hosted by Mark (of Markster Con) and Luke (of Dragon Fire Events) and sponsor by our friends at GIRLS OF THE CON.  Make sure to sign up for the Midnight Costume Contest at the Registration table by 11:30pm. Once inside the venue, ask where the table is, if you can not easily find it. 

BASH OF THE EMPIRE VII will be packed-full by Galactic scoundrel from all over the galaxy: Sci-Fi, pop culture, costumes made of cardboard, store-bought, home-made, one-of-kind, mass produced, sexy, nerdy, trendy, weird, and even simple. Event themed costumes or attire are very highly encouraged (but they are not required).

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Bash Of The Empire VII Tickets

Contact info.: marksterconproductions@gmail.com