DJ Aesthetic:
For the last 17 years, DJ Aesthetic has been bringing his own unique brand of electro, industrial, and dance music to clubs both domestic and international. Industrial hype man for Bunker.404, MOTHERF*CKER, The Shelter, Gothic Cruise, he’s played played to crowds of thousands, concerts, held multiple residencies, all to support the noble cause of putting his cats through ninja school. Get ready to dance!

DJ System Fail:
Coming from Atlanta's own Goth/Industrial scene and currently the resident DJ at Ascension Atlanta, DJ System Fail first made his debut at the Shelter nightclub, where he DJ'd at events such as Let's Go Dark, Ritual, ISYS, Fallout, and Shadow Play. He has also spun opening sets for acts such as Ego Likeness, FIRES, Servitor, Finite Automata, and more. As a bringer of the ruckus, he brings a well-blended mix of Industrial beats, goth classics, EBM, Dark Wave, and New Wave. More recently DJ System Fail manned the decks solo for the Markter Con co-produced DANTE'S LABYRINTH New Year's Eve Masquerade.