BoTE Photos (I-VI)

A HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers, staff, sponsors, photographers, vendors, performers and fans who continue to make Atlanta's BASH OF THE EMPIRE such an awesome event!

1st Place Costume Contest winner DARTH VADER w/ Tusken Pimp
Many of you have asked for photos (and video by Jay Prescott) which are being posted below. We'll be announcing plans soon for BASH OF THE EMPIRE #7 so stay tuned!

• Jeff James photos HERE
• Robot Eye Photography photos HERE
• Squished Biscuit photos HERE
• Workman Reflections photos HERE
• Jay Prescott video HERE

2015 PHOTOS (Dec.)
Photo by Richard LaMarre
Leo Photography photos (Set 1) HERE
Leo Photography photos (Set 2) HERE
• Leo Photography photos (Set 3) HERE
Richard LaMarre photos HERE
Jay Prescott Videography video HERE *NEW*
Jeff James photos HERE
Robot Eye Photography photos HERE
• Benjamin Malcolm TATOOINE rap HERE (performed at Midnight during BASH OF THE EMPIRE V)
• Costume Contest plaques created by Etch Of The Imagination

Cara Caravan, 2015 costume contest winner
Jay Prescott video HERE
David Leo (Set 1) photos HERE
David Leo (Set 2) photos HERE
David Leo (Set 3) photos HERE
Personify 3D scans HERE
Jeff James photos HERE
WSB-TV 2 coverage HERE
The Aficionados photos HERE
Frank Sepulveda photos HERE
Lithium Dreams photos HERE
James Curtis Barger photos HERE

Photo by Photo Ninja (Lee Workman)
• ATL Event photos HERE
• James Curtin Barger photos HERE
• Channing Minion photos HERE
• Sam W Honda photos HERE
• Richard LaMarre photos HERE
• Tobias Roybal photos HERE
• Video by Jay Prescott HERE
• Lee Workman photos HERE
• Danny Hunter photos HERE
• T. Wolfe photos HERE

Photo By Michael "HOOPIX" Lombardi
Tobias Roybal photos HERE.
Sam W Honda photos HERE. (pre-party)
• Sam W Honda photos HERE.
Richard A LaMarre photo HERE.
Michael HOOPIX Lombardi photos HERE.
James Curtis Barger photos HERE.
Patrick Sun photos HERE.
• Patrick Sun HI-RES photos HERE.
Jason Ortiz photos HERE.
Frank Sepulveda photos HERE.
Danny Hunter photos Set 1 HERE.
• Danny Hunter photos Set 2 HERE.
• Danny Hunter photos Set 3 HERE.

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Photo By Tobias Roybal