Friday, April 20, 2018

$5.00 OFF adv. tickets to BASH OF THE EMPIRE VII

Have you and your friends secured your tickets yet for Atlanta's biggest May the Fouth (Be With You) galactic celebration?

2018 will mark the 7th installment of BASH OF THE EMPIRE and since it lands on such a special day this year we are expecting a tremendous (and die-hard) turnout. This year's BASH OF THE EMPIRE is being hosted at one of Atlanta's best live music venues, Center Stage Atlanta, so if you and your rebellious friends haven't secured your tickets yet, this would be a good time!

$5.00 OFF advanced tickets – use promo code "bash7" to get $5 OFF advanced tickets (i.e. $10 instead of $10) via

NOTE: This is an 18+, non-smoking event.