Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Atlanta's SUPER HERO PUB CRAWL returns May 20, 2017

Holy atomic pile, Batman! Check out the official promotional video for this year's SUPER HERO PUB CRAWL in Atlanta — giving you an idea of all of the awesome-ness Markster Con has in store for attendees on May 20th, 2017 (make sure your sound is turned on!).

For more info. on this event, presented by Monday Night Brewing, please visit

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Photos and video from BASH OF THE EMPIRE VI

A Forceful THANK YOU to all of the freaks and geeks who came out on Dec. 10th to make the 6th installment of BASH OF THE EMPIRE at The Masquerade such a tremendous success!

1st Place Costume Contest winner DARTH VADER w/ Tusken Pimp
Many of you have asked for photos (and video by Jay Prescott) which are being posted below. We'll be announcing plans soon for BASH OF THE EMPIRE #7 so stay tuned!

• Jeff James photos HERE
• Robot Eye Photography photos HERE
• Squished Biscuit photos HERE
• Workman Reflections photos HERE
• Jay Prescott video HERE

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

30% OFF adv. tickets to BASH OF THE EMPIRE VI

Get 30% OFF TICKETS to either the Dec. 9th BAR WARS: The Crawl Awakens (21+, hosted by Diesel Filling Station) and/or the Dec. 10th BASH OF THE EMPIRE VI  (18+, non-smoking at The Masquerade) by using promo code "blue_milk" for  adv. tickets to either/both events, an epic weekend worthy of the Emperor himself!

Redeem code at (code expires on 12/9/16 at noon, EDT)

Monday, December 5, 2016

Two of Atlanta's most infamous DJs enlisted for BASH OF THE EMPIRE VI on Dec. 10th at The Masquerade

Two of Atlanta's most infamous veteran DJs will be at the Star Destroyer's helm on Dec. 10th as they use their masterful skills to help keep the Imperial dance floor packed throughout the evening.

For the last 17 years, DJ Aesthetic has been bringing his own unique brand of electro, industrial, and dance music to clubs both domestic and international. He has played played to crowds of thousands, concerts, held multiple residencies, all to support the noble cause of putting his cats through ninja school.

Spinning since ’96, DJ Caz10's career started small and humble but quickly spread throughout the Atlanta night club scene. A nearly 10 year residency at The Masquerade’s Oldwave 80s night dubbed Caz10 “Atlanta’s 80 DJ”, you’ll find him behind the decks spinning House, EDM, Indie/Nu Disco, EBM/Industrial, and Top-40 Dance. Over the years Caz10 has had the opportunity to spin in over many Atlanta night clubs and various other outlets.

To read more about the entertainment event producer Markster Con has lined up, please visit the Entertainment Page HERE. Adv. tickets still available via (18+, non-smoking) hosted at The Masquerade's "new" location:

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

First Order sympathizer and aerialist ECHO added to next Saturday's BASH OF THE EMPIRE VI

Event producer would like to welcome professional aerialist (and First Order sympathizer) ECHO to the talent roster for next Saturday's BASH OF THE EMPIRE VI: Atlanta STAR WARS Party on Dec. 10 at The Masquerade.

Many from the Atlanta performance community will recognizer ECHO as the owner of The Space in Atlanta, which is a movement Arts Studio offering a wide variety of aerial arts, yoga, flow, and dance classes for all ages.

She has also performed at two of Markster Con's WIZARD's BALLs and truly is a spectacle to watch!

Adv. tickets still available via (18+, non-smoking) hosted at The Masquerade's "new" location:

Thursday, November 3, 2016

IT'S OFFICIAL:'s BASH OF THE EMPIRE VI to be held at "new" Masquerade location!

( Click to enlarge )
It's the information that so many of you have been wanting to know, where will Atlanta's largest Star Wars party – BASH OF THE EMPIRE VI – be held? can finally confirm that it will be held at The Masquerade's "new" location in Kenny's Alley, part of Underground Atlanta. To read more, simply click HERE.

Advanced tickets are still available via for both BASH OF THE EMPIRE VI, as well as the Dec. 9th BAR WARS: The Crawl Awakens (both events produced by

One of the first official photos to emerge of The Masquerade's "new" HELL at 75 MLK Jr Drive SW, ATL 30303 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New location for BASH OF THE EMPIRE VI announced

BASH OF THE EMPIRE event producer Markster Con has received numerous inquiries wondering where the 6th edition will be hosted on Dec. 10th, since reports have surfaced of THE MASQUERADE's imminent closing. The venue was sold in 2015 and is currently being redeveloped into high-end apartments and retail, leaving many to wonder what will happen to currently booked events, like BoTE and the Nov. 19th Wizard's Ball 3.

Thankfully, we can finally announce that even though The Masquerade is "closing" (it's current location) it is actually MOVING to a new location.

To find out where that venue is, as well as more details, please visit